Work :)

I began to work in a awesome place!! A motel complex in St Arnaud, 1 hour south from Nelson.  Sure, the village is really small ( 80 people lives there ^^ + all the holiday homes) but its really really good anyway! In the middle of Nelson Lakes National park and mountains, huts and lakes everywhere! The work in the morning is basicly cleaning and laundry and in the afternoon painting, garden maintenance, renovation, yeah whatever needs to be done. So its multitasking, just what I like!

And it turns out that after I worked with the lovely owners, Yvonne and Richard, and manager Julie, of this place, they decided they wanted me for the next summer so I’ve been offered a work visa, which is great!! Im really looking forward to that! 


So I will be home in only one month!! Time go sooo fast! I've been away for 1 year soon! crazy!, And then I will be home sep-oct and then im doing summer season in New Zealand again nov- april and after that I will see whats happen! :D WhoopWhoop!!

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