Mikaela and me travel the south Island for 1 month!

A short time later a really good friend from Sweden came here, Mikaela, we travelled the south island together for 1 month :D  So much fun and we did so much different things! Swimming with dolphins, Camping , Kea-attack-screaming-moment in the car (Alpine parrot who eats literally everything, ate the rubber of my car!) , Heli ice explorer (helicopter to a glacier and hike around for 3 hours),  Fiordland, beaches, swim in the sea,  national parks, cave-exploring, seals (and seal pups in the wild really close), 5 girls-hiking-trip 2 days, pierced us, guinea-pig village!, weird funny lovely hitchhikers ^^ And of course a lot of singing in the car, crying, laughing!! <3 <3

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