Long time, no write ^^ Big update!

Yeah as I began to write the last time.

I was going to Coromandel and it was really nice! Met Bria, a super funny awesome Canadian girl, in a hostel and she travelled with me for a few days in Coromandel, that was a really good time! We did some nice stuff - waterfalls, hot water beach, Cathedral cove, singing reggae love songs in the car and camping in random places! :D
Hot water beach is a place where underground hot springs filter up through the sand, so in some places you burn your feet! But if you find a hot, but not a burning place, dig a hole in the sand and you have your own hot pool :D

After Coromandel I went to Raglan and stayed there for a few days, a really awesome, laid-back feeling town with all the surfers around ( I think it’s the best spot in Nz to surf actually) ;)  Camping, Swimming in the sea, good food, spending time with good people and on and on it goes! :D 








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