Im ritgh now in Tauranga going for the Coromandel! I´ve heard so much good about Coromandel,  hot water beach, good camp spots, national parks, surfing and alot more! And btw we have around 25 and higher every day and ful sun! :D

If I begin from Wellington ( the south of the north island). I went up to Kapiti Island, a bird sancuary, spend the day on the Island looking and listen to really rare and common birds and walk to the top of the Island.


Up to Whanganui, Stratford, Forgotton World highway to Taumarunui. Found 3 greman guys to do the amazing 5 day canoe/kayak/camping trip with. 5 Days on the river with nothing to think or worry about, just padeling and enjoy life! fall out 2 times thou ^^ haha 

After I went to the Tongariro alpine crossing. Did the crossing, a walk for 6-8 hours, 20 km, so damn beautiful! the day after i went up to mt Ngauruhoe, a.k.a mt Doom in the movie Lord of the rings where Frodo throw the ring inside. Maybe 6 hours total up and down and back again to the car. These days were so nice and amazing landscape!!

Coming up with more :D


Gonna put picture of everything in the travel map! :)

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